Google recently released a few cool new tools to help improve SEO for your website. See Also Page1clients

New SEO Tools

1. The one everyone is freaking about today is this is the

Because it provides a huge array of suggestions (and tells you things about your site’s usability). For example, knowing that Google thinks your page has contrast issues is something that most people would have overlooked!

2. The brand new Page Speed Insights here:

What an exciting tool!

This new updated version provides a lot more information on your site’s performance.
The ironic thing is that these tools are currently being hammered by half the web so they are responding slowly.

In fact, your page speed measurement might be inaccurate because Google’s servers are slow! (and not yours).
Regardless, I thought these new updates were pretty interesting so check’em out!

Google has probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars putting these together for us, might as well use them!

p.s. I’m all about site quality however don’t worry about having a perfect score, yet. Instead, Google tends to work with ranges & thresholds. This means that going from a score of 88 to 89 won’t make much of a difference in your website’s performance.

Google seems to work with score ranges.


The score ranges are: 

0-49 Slow

50-89 Average 

90 – 100 Fast 

That means you’ll notice a difference if you go from a score of 40 to 80 because you’d be changing levels.

That’s why when people are right on the limit of a range, sometimes a small tweak can change the level in which they are, resulting in a huge spike in rankings!

The big prediction for SEO 2019 – 2020 is speed
These tools are perhaps not linked directly to your rankings, they are certainly a reflection of what Google thinks about your site. And Google wants quality sites to rank higher.

p.s.s. I am not associated with any of the sites above. The only one I am associated with is where I work with clients to get Google rankings and more traffic, without any penalties!