Sam and his partner Joe has grown their IT company with many clients.

Sam is the sales type of guy.

Joe is a developer.

They are clear about their roles in the business.


hiring mistakes seos

Sam has produced a lot of business

So they’ve hired a large number of team members working in their offices.

Then they’ve filled the kitchen with snacks, coffee, and other supplies.

They both made sure everything was running perfectly.

They both had gotten used to hiring people into the company.

That’s the right thing to do to build a stable business.

Until… one day.

Clients started to cancel their agreements

It happened overnight.

It’s not a big deal.

However, Sam hasn’t produced any new business for a while…

Sam has over time left things running on autopilot.

Sam has some personal problems to attend to. He doesn’t have time to produce sales.

One day there were a lots of clients. The next day there wasn’t.

And despite waiting around for a month or more, it never filled up again.

They come up with a plan

They decide to hire an SEO guy into the Norwegian company to do søkemotoroptimalisering.

They both wait for results to happen.

But nothing really happens…

Traffic is trickling in…

Not enough to produce quality clients they are used to…

Sound familiar?

3 Mistakes Mid Sized Companies Do When Hiring SEO’s

At first glance, there’s nothing wrong with hiring someone to do SEO for your business.

But if you look at from another perspective, you might realize that it’s a mistake.

Mistake 1: Employee mentality

The benefit of hiring an employee is that they are in the office working for you, on your project.

The downside is that they have an employee mindset. And this is everything but results oriented, in most cases.

The employee mindset is mostly interested in a safe, secure paycheck.

The don’t care about producing life changing results for your business.

Harsh words, but I don’t say this out of context. I have personally hired over 200 people, so I have some experience to make such a claim.

Read also the Case study at the end of the post.

Mistake 1: Need for control

Yes, the hired person is at your office working within your eyesight.

But what you actually need is a scorecard at the end of the month.

How much traffic do we have?

How many leads have we produced?

Has any of the leads been converted into paying clients?

These are the numbers that matter.

Are we on the same page, still?

Mistake 3: Skills

Who is the person that acquires new skills on a daily basis because his life depends on it?

Is it the the employee?

Is it the the entrepreneurs or the agency owners?


Sam and Joe has gotten used to hiring people into the company.

Hiring one or two SEO guys made sense to them.

But was there any improvement in their business after this investment?

Case study:

I had this conversation last week with a friend who runs an IT company with 130 employees.

He was looking to outsource the SEO work to an Agency that knows what they are doing because sales were down and he was worried.

This is what he wrote to me on Skype…

marketing effort

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