Search engine optimization or what most people know as SEO is a very powerful tool to bring clients to your business but even then, it may not be right for you, says SEO Consultant Petri at Shared SEO.

The most important thing with SEO is the strategy.

If you start and do SEO for a month, (and quit too soon), you may not get the results that you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you stick with a monthly plan of adding content and doing link building, in a few months, your results will skyrocket.

In this post, my goal is to share with you a number of reasons that perhaps will point out whether SEO is the right way to go?

And don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s strange for an SEO guy like myself to get into this but it’s simply the plain truth.

So let me get to it, why might SEO not work for your business?

Let’s dive right into it.

Here are some of the things to note:


Is SEO Right For Your Business

This is perhaps one of the most typical problems we have today.

You will find that most businesses will want to rank at the very top in a certain niche and simply knock everyone out in their industry. But sometimes it takes more than most people think. When you survey the landscape and the competition in your area of business, you may realize that getting to the top is not realistically possible.

The financial and technical constraints here are enormous and maybe at this point in time, your business may not be able to overcome them.

That’s one of the reasons we built Shared SEO.

In addition to this, it’s very difficult to estimate the cost of SEO because so many variables come into play. And that is not all, even if you are able to achieve top rankings on search engines; you still need to put in more work in order to maintain this success.

In the end, all these things need a good budget and if you feel you are not in a position to put together the required finances, then it’s probably not the right time for SEO.

The Timeframe

The Timeframe if SEO is Right For You

SEO is often a multifaceted concept and the issue of timeframe is really important. There is no definite end in SEO and sometimes it’s always a moving target. You may achieve your immediate goals but then you realize you can do better, and it starts all over again. With this in mind, it becomes really hard to set the desired timeframe for SEO.

As you are working on your SEO budget, perhaps it could be nice to fully understand the enormity of the task that you are facing and see if you have enough time on your hands to commit from start to finish. Striking the ideal balance between good SEO, cost-effectiveness, and time is very crucial and it should be done right at the start.

Wrong keywords

Wrong keywords

Keyword optimization is the basis of modern SEO. With the right keywords, it’s easier to rank high in organic search results. However, determining the right keywords is not easy. Knowing which keywords will rank and which ones won’t take time.

In addition to this, you may come up with good keywords that rank but fail to convert the clicks or the page views into customers.

Take this example, perhaps you have identified that the best keyword for your site is “best summer glasses” if someone searches using the keyword is directed to a commercial page showing a list of sunglasses instead of an informative reviews website that helps him or her choose the ideal glasses, the keywords may not have the conversion effect that leads to sales.

Note: Before you settle on the keywords to use, make sure you test them carefully using PPC and see if they make sales.

SEO for Startups

SEO for Startups

In order to get to the top of organic search traffic, you will need time and effort. For a startup that is launching in a very competitive business environment, the costs and efforts can be huge, especially if you hire an agency to do it for you.

In case you are looking for a faster solution to get your name out there, then perhaps SEO may not be the way to go for you.

I just wanted to mention that Shared SEO is a solution for boot-strapped startups.

New Product or Service

New Product or Service

Spending so much time and resources on SEO is good, but make no mistakes, if no one knows about you and searches for you then it will be an effort in futility. The challenge for many new products is to have enough awareness of them so that people can search. In that case, instead of diving into SEO, begin by popularizing your products so that a significant portion of people know about you and what you offer.

You Just Want To Rank 1st

you Just Want To Rank 1st

SEO is at the center of digital business today and if you are coming to rank 1st from nowhere, then you can expect some really good competition. There are so many companies today that spend so much time and money just to retain their rankings online and if you take their place, they will fight back.

Focusing on SEO rankings as your marketing strategy is only a small part, you still need to go for location-based marketing ideas and personalized ads in order to covert more customers.

Ranking first in search engine results is good.

High Brand Competition

At the moment many sectors in the market today are flooded with many great brands and it’s very difficult for any of these brands to get ahead. In such a sector you may find it hard to get ahead of everyone in SEO and even if you do, you may have to spend so much to get there.

Multiple Countries

Targeting multiple countries with SEO

Targeting multiple countries with your SEO plan is definitely something doable, but you need to always be very careful. It’s very expensive to target multiple countries in SEO and it takes time for the results to be realized. You can begin by going with a paid search campaign to test the waters, or maybe use a country-specific landing page to see how it goes.

However, targeting multiple countries with all-out SEO may not really work, unless done right. The same will also apply to businesses targeting multiple languages.

SEO is the way to go for any business looking to take advantage of the ever-expanding digital economy.

However, you need to know the right time to implement an SEO plan.

At Shared SEO you can get more backlinks, which are the most important parts of an SEO strategy.