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SEO Audit Checklist of Website [NOT for Beginners]

SEO Audit Checklist of Website: INTRODUCTION This is our agency-level SEO Audit Checklist of Website. We use this for each one of our clients. It’s no secret that after applying the correct SEO process you must achieve results - right? [It's not recommended for beginners who are intending to DIY SEO simply because it's too

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New Tools To Improve SEO For Your Website

Google recently released a few cool new tools to help improve SEO for your website. See Also Page1clients New SEO Tools 1. The one everyone is freaking about today is this is the Because it provides a huge array of suggestions (and tells you things about your site's usability). For example, knowing that

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What Google Really Wants (4 Things)

A search engine optimization (SEO) trick Many people are always looking for a search engine optimization (SEO) trick that would rank their website on the top of a Google search results page. The truth is this trick doesn’t exist. If there was one SEO ranking factor that summarized what Google wants... Then it would be to

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4 Reason To Speed Optimize Your Website Today

Do you know what goes on behind the scenes of a website? If you're serious about attracting more clients for your business, building an efficient website can help. Having an online presence today is essential and, unless you create a top-notch first impression with your visitors, you may be losing out on the perks the

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6 Reasons Why SEO Fails – Explanation and Solutions

SEO can be a very big addition to your marketing but how successful it will depend on how well you invest in it. I like to compare SEO to juggling because it’s more of the same thing. Most of us are amazed by juggling in fact, we are bemused by how jugglers are able to

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