What we expect from you:

Your Role as Beta Tester


We are developing a sharing economy based linkbuilding app called Sharedseo.co. “Shared SEO” is a New SEO product that helps you get backlinks at scale without the hassle.

  • Without doing traditional outreach
  • Without writing content
  • Without having to submit any information
  • Without hiring
  • Without paying for additional software

If you’d like to rank your website NR 1 in Google and get traffic like crazy …regardless of your industry, this is the most important product you’ll beta test today.

We need testers like you to try it out, and to report any bugs or problems. We also want your feedback, suggestions, and complaints. All you have to do is spend at least 15 minutes for the next 30-day period. We expect the beta test to go for 1 month.

Reporting Bugs:

As a beta tester, your primary responsibility is to report any bugs or problems you find.

How to report bugs / problems:

Try the action again to see if the bug happens again.

Record the action you are trying to take (e.g., “Trying to apply for same company again”).

Note what you expected to happen, and what actually happened instead. Note any error messages you receive. Screenshots are helpful too.

Contact us to report this information. You can email us, or create a support ticket: Support. Or post in our Facebook group.


We also ask you to report your experience with the website and give us feedback generally. Not just problems, but your reactions to the seo tool. How is the pace of the applying for links? What is interesting and fun? What is annoying or confusing?

We ask that you to send us regular feedback. We need you to report at least once a week on your experience with the seo app. This can be in an email, by sharing a Google Docs journal (see below), and/or by answering surveys that we send out.

The Rules!

Yes, there are some basic rules we need you to follow:

1. Read, understand, and agree to the Beta Test and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

2. As noted above, send us regular feedback.

Contests, Prizes, and Rewards:

The prizes listed in the contests are real, and if you win a contest, you will get the prize. Everyone who fully participates in the beta test will get a linkbuilding package (Market value at $2500) at the end of the test.

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What you can expect from us:

Better than your ordinary linkbuilding tools

Perhaps you’ve tried a SaaS App or done it manually in the past that just felt like hard work – paying for links, getting rejected, and endless hours of outreach and writing content. We want you to know that it’s not you, it’s your process. You can still achieve your goals to rank NR 1 in Google, and get more leads and sales.

We designed this linkbuilding tool with one goal in mind: to make sure anyone who tries it, is successful.

The Perfect Linkbuilding Tool


Busy schedule? Our linkbuilding tool paired with pre-approved high quality niche-specific contextual backlinks are the key to increase traffic, to build trust, and brand awareness for your website (client’s website) in less than 10-minutes a month.


Ever feel overwhelmed with the endless process of doing outreach? Our system will help you find links in the right niches so you meet your monthly quota of links.


We’ll prove you’re getting your money’s worth. Our Shared SEO software tracks all your requested links and sends notifications when they are completed as evidence of a job well done.

“Petri has done an excellent job for us in this project during two years and I can honestly recommend him to anyone looking for link building”

Mats Bergsten, Beet AB

Linkbuilding for all levels

link building for all levels newbeginner advanced


Choose to run or walk. This link building process produces results based on how many link requests you make. You’ll easily be able to create 15, 30, and even up to 50 requests in an hour.


Getting links from companies in the network does not require any content writing. Just make sure you have a blog and content to share other people’s links!


We add new niches every month, so not only will you continue to challenge and change your links, you’ll have more fun!

A Sharing Economy Product


We’re not all work and no play! We have social events, challenges, and more. You’ll reach milestones and cross finish lines with support from your peers.


You’ll thrive with a group of people with a common goal: to become better at SEO. We’re in this together. The more you help others, the more help you will receive.

“ Top top quality work. Really happy with results. A+ An asset to Upwork.com community”

-Edy Ygal, ImageisMedia

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