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Shared SEO is a DIY link builder app that lets you access a network of like-minded entrepreneurs to share links, without needing to hire an agency to do it for you, or to get rejected by outreach efforts or even having to spend tens of hours writing articles. It’s an easier and faster way to get more traffic to your website.

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The Shared SEO Origin Story

The Shared SEO Origin Story

It’s basically the same as Wolf of Wall Street … only with less party.

The first to market, Shared SEO started, under a different name, in 2003 when “SEO” were little more than keyword spamming. Petri Maatta, frustrated with cold calling to get clients, set out to create a better experience for marketers.

Petri joined forces with Jim Westergren (SEO Nr 2 World champion in 2005), Boris Arapchev, and Tommy Ivarsson to bootstrap Shared SEO out of a dark, 12-square-foot office in Oslo, Norway. In early days, they lived off pasta and beer. (This diet was a mistake.)

Powered by a Team That Dreams Big

Today, Shared SEO world’s leading secret link building platform because it helped our outsourcing team to win the European Search Awards on 20th June, 2019. With a workplace of 15 people who really, truly care about SEO and each other.

As one of Europe’s fastest growing Saas SEO-tech companies, with offices in Bulgaria, we’ve powered over 50 brands to the coveted first page position in Google for customers worldwide.

Powered by a Team That Dreams Big

The #1 Backlinks Platform for 50+ Brands

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We started this company because we wanted to help SEO’s, Agency Owners, and Entrepreneurs experience time-saving, cost-effective, and simplified search engine optimization. With Shared SEO, business owners have the power to create DIY SEO without hiring an agency, doing outreach or writing articles.”

Petri Maatta, CEO of Shared SEO
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With Core Values That Are Uniquely Shared SE0

We have three core values that guide our actions and culture at Shared SEO. Here are the ingredients that help us make magic happen.

Leap of faith
Leap of faith

From confused and scared to outsourcing core business functions, to taking control of your link acquisition process for the very first time—every Shared SEOer takes bold risks in pursuit of growth and opportunity.

Self acceptance

Whether you think you can’t achieve your audacious goals, always driven to move forward, we solve that by sharing. Giving and sharing are the keys to ultimate success in any business endeavor.


If you have the opportunity or have a possibility to achieve success, you’ll know that you deserve it. We create possibilities and are open to try.

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Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better

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